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School meal service

Refrigerators for School meal service

As schools move towards year-round sessions, walk-in refrigerators and freezers will be subjected to more intense use during the hot summer months. If your current refrigeration systems are outdated, it may be time to consider replacing them altogether. Your school can save money on energy costs while still providing quality foodservice for students.

The term cold chain refers to a temperature-controlled supply chain which means that it is an uninterrupted series of distribution and storage activities which take place in a temperature controlled environment. A cold chain is used to prolong the life of fresh products such as fruit & vegetables, frozen food, and seafood. These goods are perishable and have to be moved to their end destination while being kept at a constant temperature.

Application Scenario
  • Raw material storage

    Cold storage is widely used to store goods of various industries, such as fruits and vegetables, catering and hotel food, aquatic products seafood, medicine and so on. These large quantities of goods need cold storage, because only cold storage can maintain constant temperature and humidity at a certain temperature, not affected by the external environment.

  • School meal distribution

    The fresh-keeping warehouse is used to store vegetables, fruits, pastries and other ingredients that need to be refrigerated at a certain low temperature, and the freezer is used to store and freeze all kinds of meat, seafood or cold drinks and other foods that need to be frozen.

  • School meal transportation

    The transportation link of school meal is very important. It requires the temperature of the vehicle cold storage to maintain the freshness of the ingredients. Therefore, the quality and refrigeration effect of cold room are particularly important. Only the cold room made in strict accordance with standards can provide a good storage environment for ingredients.

Application Principle

A cold chain can therefore only work when it is subject to a quality management system that is analysed, controlled, documented, measured and validated. The use of refrigerator trucks, reefer ships, and refrigerated warehouses is common place within the cold chain, as are our walk in cooler curtains. Some firms also chose to ship items in specialised packaging such as insulated shipping containers for extra protection. 

  • Intelligent control system


    The unit will be complex freezing control system integrated in the unit, integrated module combination or centralized control, library temperature control, intelligent defrosting, electronic fuzzy control, intelligent debugging, fault self-diagnosis and intelligent operation management tips and other powerful functions.

  • Excellent quality


    Beautiful cold storage appearance, the use of high quality materials, accessories selection of international famous brands, to create strict control process, to ensure high quality products.

  • Convenient installation


    Easy installation without senior installation technician, reduce installation cost.


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