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Refrigeration Evaporators

Evaporator, also named air cooler, unit cooler. It's an integral part of the refrigeration system, together with condensing units to compose a set of refrigeration equipment.

In a refrigeration system, the cooling effect is produced as the rapid evaporation of the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat. It's suitable for simple refrigeration applications, clearly indicating that it meets the requirements of standardized refrigeration. It is the best choice for users who require less investment, ensure reduced operating costs, and obtain high-quality air coolers. We offer an expansive selection of diverse refrigeration solutions and build custom solutions. Welcome to contact.

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Refrigeration evaporators are devices that remove heat from a refrigerated area or system. They come in various sizes and styles, but all serve the same primary purpose: to keep things cold without excessive freezing or freezer burn. 


Cooler Evaporators Structure

Cooler evaporators comprise two main components: the condenser and the evaporator coil. The condenser is responsible for cooling the gas or liquid passing through it, while the coil absorbs heat from whatever is being refrigerated. Most more relaxed evaporator coils are made of copper or aluminum.


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