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Refrigeration systems are vital for many businesses across diverse industries. They preserve products, materials, and ingredients by maintaining the proper temperatures for every item.There are a variety of refrigeration systems available, each with its own intended purpose and unique benefits.


Whatever your unique requirements may be, we offer you a wide range of options. We also take pride in our exceptional customer service and commitment to customers. If you want to learn more about what we have to offer, browse through our product categories or get in touch with us today.


Condensing Units

Condensing units are a type of commercial refrigeration system that uses a compressor to cool air. The compressor circulates the air through a series of coils, which remove heat from the air.



Evaporators are used to remove water from the air. They work by circulating the air through a series of coils, which remove moisture from the air. Evaporators are often used in factories, greenhouses, and laboratories.



Compressors can be used to store food or other products. They work by circulating cold air through the unit, using a refrigeration compressor.



Characteristic Advantages
  • Excellent Quality

    All our compressors are brand new from original factory. We can't supply second hand products and OEM production for compressors. 

  • Quality Inspection

    We After finish production, all products will do QC by professional team, to ensure product quality.

  • Strong Packing

    TheThe compressors will packed on pallets, to ensure transportation safety 

  • Better Price

    We supply quality products with competitive pricing.

  • Mature Delivery

    We can help to book container and combine different products to mix a full container, to save transportation cost.

  • Product Diversity

    We can supply all kinds of brand compressor, Bitzer, Danfoss, Maneurop, Sanyo, Tecumseh, Copeland, Embraco, Panasonic, Secop etc.

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