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Cold Storage for Medicines

For medicines with quality not preservable under room temperature conditions, refrigerating them at low temperature will retain their quality, keep them effective and extend their shelf life.  However, it’s a lot more difficult to monitor those conditions when you’re transporting medicine or other pharmaceutical goods. Cold chain shipping solutions can combat that problem, making shipping and delivering medicine a breeze.

Medical refrigerators are used to store many health-care supplies: blood products, vaccines, medicine, and testing reagents. Each has a slightly different chilling requirement. Vaccines are sensitive to both heat and cold and so need to be kept between 2°C and 8°C from the point of manufacture to the point of use. In order to properly store blood and blood products, blood bank refrigerators need to keep internal temperatures between 2°C and 6°C all day, every day. Some vaccines need to stay frozen, so medical freezers must maintain internal temperatures between -15°C  and -50°C .

Storage solutions for pharmaceuticals must be kept at the perfect temperature. The medicine can spoil, lose its potency, and do more harm than good within the body when it is not stored and transported properly.

Application Scenario
  • Drug/Vaccine/Blood Storage

    The temperature is around -5 to +8 degrees, which is roughly the same as the fresh-keeping temperature of the fresh-keeping cold storage, but the medical cold storage has higher requirements for the stability of temperature and humidity.

  • Parmaceutical Cold Chain

    As a branch of the logistics industry, the pharmaceutical cold chain specifically refers to a systematic project between producers and users of refrigerated pharmaceutical entities for the purpose of disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

  • Biological Reagent/Plasma/Cell Cold Storage

    This kind of medical cold storage mainly uses low-temperature refrigeration to store medical and biological reagents (about -18~-80 degrees Celsius). This type of product is very difficult to preserve and must be stored in a low-temperature environment with constant temperature and humidity. Building a professional biological reagent cold storage for storage is the best way at present.

Application Principle

Most pharmaceutical companies are inseparable from medical cold storage. The construction of medical cold storage requires our professional pharmaceutical cold storage construction company. Medical cold storage is mainly used to store medical and pharmaceutical-related products. Deterioration, and different pharmaceutical products in pharmaceutical pharmaceutical companies require different storage temperatures. General medical cold storage construction types are divided according to different temperature ranges: pharmaceutical cold storage, blood cold storage, vaccine cold storage, biological reagent cold storage, plasma cold storage, cell cold storage, etc.

  • Intelligent control system


    The unit will be complex freezing control system integrated in the unit, integrated module combination or centralized control, library temperature control, intelligent defrosting, electronic fuzzy control, intelligent debugging, fault self-diagnosis and intelligent operation management tips and other powerful functions.

  • Excellent quality


    Beautiful cold storage appearance, the use of high quality materials, accessories selection of international famous brands, to create strict control process, to ensure high quality products.

  • Convenient installation


    Easy installation without senior installation technician, reduce installation cost.


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