Hotel catering industry

Refrigerators for Hotel catering

The Catering is the provision of food services, typically in locations that are not restaurants, such as hotels or event venues.

Commercial refrigerators and freezers must be particularly sturdy, convenient and energy efficient. CNAU offers everything the professional sector needs: high-quality components, optimised net volume, efficient cooling performance, reliable temperature maintenance, and exemplary ease-of-cleaning. Above all, though, CNAU stands out by combining low energy consumption with maximum efficiency.

Application Scenario
  • Hotel Kitchen

    The fresh-keeping warehouse is used to store vegetables, fruits, pastries and other ingredients that need to be refrigerated at a certain low temperature, and the freezer is used to store and freeze all kinds of meat, seafood or cold drinks and other foods that need to be frozen.

  • Hotel catering warehouse

    Cold storage is widely used to store goods of various industries, such as fruits and vegetables, catering and hotel food, aquatic products seafood, medicine and so on. These large quantities of goods need cold storage, because only cold storage can maintain constant temperature and humidity at a certain temperature, not affected by the external environment.

  • Hotel waste disposal

    The catering industry often has a large number of kitchen waste, long temperature stacking will breed a large number of bacteria and rancid taste, through cold storage low temperature to inhibit the growth of bacteria, prevent odor and insect infestation, etc

Application Principle

Fresh food is easy to consume the beneficial components of food and deteriorate at room temperature, and the design and use of catering cold storage is to slow down the metabolism of food, decay and other processes. In low temperature environment, the growth and reproduction of microorganisms are slowed down, the activity of enzymes is weakened, and the respiration and metabolism of food are slowed down, which is conducive to maintaining the freshness of food and extending the freshness period of food. We suggest that the appropriate low temperature environment for different foods is different, so it is necessary to set and store fresh-keeping. For example, meat is suitable for low temperature freezing storage below -18℃, but fresh fruits and vegetables are not suitable for freezing storage.

  • Intelligent control system


    The unit will be complex freezing control system integrated in the unit, integrated module combination or centralized control, library temperature control, intelligent defrosting, electronic fuzzy control, intelligent debugging, fault self-diagnosis and intelligent operation management tips and other powerful functions.

  • Excellent quality


    Beautiful cold storage appearance, the use of high quality materials, accessories selection of international famous brands, to create strict control process, to ensure high quality products.

  • Convenient installation


    Easy installation without senior installation technician, reduce installation cost.


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