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Refrigeration Compressors

Compressors work by circulating cold air through the unit. They can be used to store food or other products, and keep your industrial cooling systems operational for many years. In particular, compressors can reduce fixed costs in the long run. 

We can supply all kinds of brand hemetic and semi-hermetic compressors, like Bitzer, Emerson Copeland Danfoss, Maneurop, Performer, Embraco Aspera, Panasonic, Hitachi, Tecumseh, Secop, Sanyo etc. They are original brand new from branch China factory or China distributor.  As one of China-based compressor manufacturers,we can source them and load all products together for you to save cost. Should you have any inquiry. feel free to contact. 

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There are three things you must consider. These include the following:

1) The Size of the Compressor
2) Capacity Concerning Temperature & Pressure Levels
3) The Noise Level of the Freezer Compressor

Matching your compressor to your precise requirements enhances efficiency and prolongs service life. Commercial and Industrial compressors are available in all types and configurations, enabling you to replace aging compressors rapidly and at deeply reduced cost without compromising on performance.




The refrigeration compressor is the most important equipment in the refrigeration installation, usually called the host in the refrigeration installation. The increase of refrigerant vapor from low pressure to high pressure and the continuous flow and transportation of vapor are all completed by the work of refrigeration compressors.


Functions of Refrigeration Compressors

1) Draw refrigerant vapor from the evaporator to ensure a certain evaporation pressure in the evaporator.
2) Increase the pressure to compress the low-pressure and low-temperature refrigerant vapor into a high-pressure and high-temperature superheated vapor to create conditions for condensation at higher temperatures (such as temperatures around 35°C in summer).
3) Transport and push the refrigerant to flow in the system to complete the refrigeration cycle.


Types of Refrigeration Compressors


1) Reciprocating Compressors (Piston Compressors)
These are one of the most widely used technologies for commercial and industrial applications. They feature a piston and cylinder arrangement like the automotive engine. The refrigerant inside the cylinder gets compressed by the reciprocating motion of the piston. These compressors are capable of compressing gases to high pressures and support continuous operation. There are three types of reciprocating compressors: hermetically sealed, semi-hermetically sealed and open type.


2) Screw Compressors
These compressors have a pair of meshing screws in between them where the refrigerant gets compressed. They can produce high pressure for a small quantity of gas. They pass refrigerant vapour through screw spindles which compress the gas.


3) Scroll Compressors
This technology comprises two interleaved scrolls. One of these scrolls is fixed and the other orbits eccentrically without rotating. The refrigerant is then compressed in the small gaps which are created during its motion. These compressors are widely in use as they have a relatively low rate of leakage and provide high efficiency.


4) Rotary Compressors
Rotary Compressors feature two rotating elements, like gears, between which the refrigerant is compressed. These compressors can pump the refrigerant to lower or moderate condensing pressures and thus are able to handle small volumes of gas and produce lesser pressure.


5) Centrifugal Compressors
These compressors possess impellers or the blowers that can handle large quantities of gas.

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