Is There Any Difference Between A Cold Room And Cold Storage

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Many times, we interchangeably use the terms "cold room" and "cold storage" as meaning the same. Interestingly, there are striking key distinctions between them.

Cold rooms are also referred to as walk-in coolers or refrigerating chambers that offer you plenty of convenient space to store chilled goods. A cold room is more than cold storage (e.g. refrigerators) as it provides numerous upright cabinets when you need to store a sizeable quantity of items that need to be chilled.

In this article, we will discuss in detail what a cold room is and what cold storage is and then talk about how they differ from one another. Continue reading to discover more information about these two words in-depth.

What is a Cold Room?

As the name suggests, a cold room refers to a room that is sealed and has a set temperature that is colder than typical. It is a warehouse that is artificially heated to a certain temperature majority of the time to store goods in a setting with a lower temperature than the ambient one.

Cold rooms are refrigerating chambers used in industries or places where the commercialization of products, the time factor, and very strict quality parameters play important roles in their business. Cold rooms are most frequently used in the food and hospitality industries.

What is Cold storage?

Cold storage is generally used to keep food products that, under typical circumstances, have a high likelihood of spoiling quickly. Cold storage is mostly used to keep things that require certain low-temperature environments.

Water coolers, fruit and vegetable cold storage, cheese and butter cold storage, and ice cream chilling tunnels are examples of cold storage facilities.

Differences between a cold room and cold storage

Here are 4 key distinctions between a cold room and cold storage in terms of the following parameters.

1. Temperature

A cold room is meant to keep its contents at a cool temperature to preserve their freshness, cold storage is meant to maintain temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. The temperature of the products is not regulated by the cold rooms; just the room's temperature is. Therefore, a cold room is cold; yet, a cold storage room is one where goods are frozen and further preserved.

2. Structures

The cold room's structure is primarily made up of panels, whereas the cold storage's structure is more intricate.

3. Design

The cold room can be customized to suit each industry’s needs and requirements. Cold rooms can be customized according to your site condition. This is not the case with cold storage like freezers that have definite sizes and weights.

4. Comprehensive solutions

The cold room consists of a refrigeration system that improves its operation by proffering comprehensive cooling solutions than cold storage. Are you in need of a cold room for your business?

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