Danfoss Filter Drier
Danfoss Filter Drier
Danfoss Filter Drier
Danfoss Filter Drier

Danfoss Filter Drier

Danfos ELIMINATOR® filter driers with replaceable solid core, type DCR, are for use in liquid and / or suction lines in refrigeration, freezing and air-conditioning systems. Besides being able to meet the demanding requirements of high working pressure levels when operating with R410A thanks to replaceable solid cores the DCR programme offers flexibility with respect to different applications. Available with copper connections. DCRE programme offers to be used with flammable refrigerants A2L, Group

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Structure Diagram


PED approved for PS up to 46 bar for the DCR and up to 50 bar for DCRE

Zinc-chromated steel top covers with or without external access connection

Utilised in the suction or liquid line Inserts for DCR housings - solid cores

Adsorbs moisture and acid in the system throughout the entire temperature range

Provides high moisture adsorption at low and high condensing temperatures


Model No. DCR
Refrigerant R134A,R513A,R515A
Max. Working Pressure [Bar] 46bar
Max. Working Pressure [Psig] 667psig
Quantity Per Packing Format 1pc
Outlet Size[mm] 12mm
Trademark Danfoss
Origin China

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