Emerson Copeland  Platform Air Cooled Refrigeration Condensing Unit
Emerson Copeland  Platform Air Cooled Refrigeration Condensing Unit

Emerson Copeland Platform Air Cooled Refrigeration Condensing Unit

High efficiency, good reliability, Low noise, Low vibration, No leakage. The unit can be used for R22, R134a, R404a, R407b and R407c refrigerant (gas). Excellent performance: the compressor has a scientific structure design, strictly chosen material and precise procession and it is strictly inspected. The factory has obtained the National Compulsory Products CCC Certification, the National Industrial Products Manufacture License, and the ISO9001:2008 International Quality Supervision System Certification.

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Structure Diagram


Stable and low noise

High efficiency and energy-saving, intelligent control

Adaptable:  Equipped with electronic expansion valve, even in bad working conditions, can first ensure the safety of the system stable operation

Complete range:  from 2HP to 15HP, R22 and R404a,R407c.

Integrated Design, easy to install.



1) Compact configuration,high temperature electrostatic coating treatment,durable long life time.


2) Electronic expansion valve control,cooling fast,high efficiency.


3) Household air-conditioning installation,it is not need the senior technician.


4) Full intelligent cintrol system,boot self-diagnosis,free of debugging,Optional remote monitoring maintenance module.


5) Automatic recommendations for maintenance and fault diagnosis(show the cause of the problem with troubishooting tips and advice,simplify maintenance job.


6) Achieve the maximum protection of the unit and compressor,ensure the stability of long-term operation of compressor.


7) Complete configuration,no need other valve parts,control cabinet.

Model Horse Power Refrigerant  Temp Range 
ZX020E-TFD-SPM 2 R404A Medium 
ZX030E-TFD-SPM 3 R404A Medium 
ZX040E-TFD-SPM 4 R404A Medium 
ZX050E-TFD-SPM 5 R404A Medium 
ZX060E-TFD-SPM 6 R404A Medium 
ZX075E-TFD-SPM 7.5 R404A Medium 
ZXL020E-TFD-SPM 2 R404A Low
ZXL025E-TFD-SPM 2.5 R404A Low
ZXL030E-TFD-SPM 3 R404A Low
ZXL035E-TFD-SPM 3.5 R404A Low
ZXL040E-TFD-SPM 4 R404A Low
ZXL050E-TFD-SPM 5 R404A Low
ZXL060E-TFD-SPM 6 R404A Low
ZXL075E-TFD-SPM 7.5 R404A Low
Cooling Type: Air Cooled
Power Supply 380V/3N/50Hz
Cooling capacity @ Evaporation Temperature-10°C 3936W
Compressor Emerson Copeland Scroll
Function Refrigeration And Freeze
Temperature: High,Medium And Low Temperature
Fan Motor OTY 2
Dimensions(mm) 1200×550×1300
Weight(kg) 95
Refrigerant: R404a,R134a,R407,R22
Model ZXL030E-TFD-SPM  3HP

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