Danfoss Oil Seperator
Danfoss Oil Seperator
Danfoss Oil Seperator
Danfoss Oil Seperator

Danfoss Oil Seperator

Oil separator type OUB is for use in all refrigeration plants where the compressor lubricating oil must be returned directly to the compressor oil sump under all operating conditions. In this way lubricating oil from the compressor is prevented from circulating with the refrigerant in the refrigeration system itself.

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Structure Diagram


Ensures oil return to compressor oil sump. Prevents compressor breakdown caused by lack of lubrication. Increases compressor operating life

High efficiency Due to the interaction of reduced flow velocity, change of flow direction for oil concentration, collection of separated oil at high temperatures, and automatic oil return to the crankcase

Better utilisation of condenser and evaporator capacity (no oil-gas collection)

Pulsation and noise damping on the highpressure side of system

OUB 1 may be used in the following EX range: Category 3 (Zone 2)


Model No. OUB
Refrigerant R513A
Max. Working Pressure [Bar] 28bar
Max. Working Pressure [Psig] 406psig
Inlet Size[in] 3/4in-16Unf
Connection Solder Size 16mm
Trademark Danfoss
Origin China

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